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I was born and raised in Kalamazoo. I graduated from Comstock High School and went to Western Michigan University, where I majored in Criminal Justice and minored in Political Science and Philosophy. I currently live in my house in the Eastside of Kalamazoo.

My professional life has been in the public safety and security fields. I have served as an on-call EMT/Firefighter as well as a Reserve Deputy for the Allegan County Sheriff's Office. I am currently a full time EMT/Security Officer at Gun Lake Casino.

My interest in politics began late in high school, where I focused on federal politics. That interest continued into college. As I took classes at Western, I became more politically informed, from local politics to foreign affairs. 

Over the past year, I became more politically involved at the local level. I volunteered on a congressional campaign, a mayoral campaign, and for a statewide initiative. I also became involved with the Michigan Democratic Party when I became a delegate for the State Central Committee. 


I quickly learned that both the local and state Democratic parties had centrist tendencies and were hesitant to change. Any member of the party that tried to implement progressive policies was met with extreme resistance.  Progressive policies are what continues to move this country forward, fighting for environmental, labor, racial,  and criminal justice.  I realized that in order to truly influence the party was to become an elected official and to work to get other progressives elected. Then, we would be able to pressure the party from within.

Kalamazoo County has always been my home. Kalamazoo deserves politicians that listen to their constituents and strive to make sure that the government serves and represents its people.  That is exactly what you would get if I am elected as a County Commissioner. 


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