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Kalamazoo Township- 

Precinct 10

Precinct 11

Elected Officials

Kalamazoo City-

Mayor David Anderson

Vice Mayor Patrice Griffin

Commissioner Erin Knott

Commissioner Jack Urban

Commissioner Eric Cunningham

Commissioner  Jeanne Hess

Commissioner Chris Praedel

Kalamazoo Township-

Supervisor Don Martin

Treasurer Sherine M. Miller
Clerk Mark E. Miller 
Trustee Jeremy L. Hathcock
Truste Nicolette Leigh 
Trustee Steven C. Leuty 
Trustee Jennifer A. Strebs

Kalamazoo County-

Commissioner Stephanie Moore (1st District)

Sheriff Richard Fuller

Prosecutor Jeff Getting

Clerk Timothy Snow

Treasurer Mary Balkema

Drain Commissioner Patricia Crowley

Kalamazoo Public Schools

Board of Education

Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Board of Trustees 

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